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Grandmaster Flash in da house!!!

Legendary DJ Grandmaster Flash - the originator of scratch turntablism, and one of the founders of hiphop, has been in the studio with Jay working on material for his new album, coming out soon on the newly reformed Strut label.

Jay helped Flash recreate some samples he’d used, as well as recording extra live parts.

While in the UK he also did a gig at the Ministry of Sound club.

New Library Releases

Retro Revibe Soul Revue 2 (60s) Soul Revue 3 (70s)

Three new albums have just been release by Universal Musics Production Library, featuring our work

Retro Revibe (Bruton) and Soul Revue 2 (Chappel) are solely composed by Jay, Dom and Gary. Soul Revue 3 (Chappel) also features tracks by Ernie & Crispin from Push & Galliano.

Ant & Dec sketch on BBC's Children In Need

We’ve just re-recorded the music from Morecombe & Wise’s classic ‘Breakfast’ sketch, for Ant & Dec to do as part of the BBC’s Children In Need appeal.

The original recording couldn’t be found, so we re-recorded it with a full big band.

In the end it was also used by the comedians Armstrong & Miller for a similar performance as part of the BAFTA’s.

Kula Shaker Remix

Jay & DJ Adil Magik (formally of Goldbug fame - remember the Pearl & Dean theme mixed with Led Zep’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ smash hit ?!!) are putting the finishing touch to their remix of Kula Shaker’s new single - ‘Song Of Love/Narayana’. Taken from their brand new album - ‘Strangefolk’, it’s the first time they’ve allowed any remixes of their work to be released, and will be on the flip side of the single.

London & Milan Fashion Show's

Screen Shot 2012-05-06 at 17.00.47
Jay and DJ Adil Majick are this week producing the music for designers John Richmond and Ashish’s fashion shows. Ashish is showing at London Fashion Week, and John is doing his international showing in Milan. The guys have worked with both designers on all their shows for several years now.

ITV - Sing It Back Lyric Champion

We’ve just completed the background music for this new Saturday night TV show on ITV1, working again with it’s producer Lee Connolly.

180MC Feat. Tyrone Lee Single

‘Ghetto Love’ - the first single released by the 180MC and featuring the vocals of Tyrone Lee is out now on promo.

Jay has done a Super-Phonics mix of the track and that is going out as the main mix.

Check out the Myspace site -

Sound Stylistics No.1 in Japan!

Yep that’s right!
The Album ‘Play Deep Funk’ - The Sound Stylistics, released on Freestyle records, was No.1 in the Jazz chart on iTunes Japan today.

ITV - Gameshow Marathon

For the 3rd season running we’ve been commissioned by ITV to re-record the original show’s music for this series.

Many of these old shows were made by small production companies that are no longer in existence, so much of the music has been lost. We’ve gone back to video tapes of the shows in order to dictate, and then re-record it.

To date we’ve covered Blankety Blank, Blind Date, Blockbusters, Bullseye, Family Fortunes, Golden Shot, Mr & Mrs, Name That Tune, Play Your Cards Right, Sale Of The Century, Take Your Pick and The Price Is Right!

The goal was for it to be as close sounding to the original music as we could get it, and so far, no one has noticed that it isn’t the original music playing!

Miller Beer Commercial

Jay has just finished recording the music to a new Miller Beer TV commercial.
It features a cover of Quincy Jones’ ‘Money Runner’ which has been recreated to sound like the original recording, but which follows the action of the picture better.
The film features a guy on a crazy urban rollerskating adventure!

Check out the film in our showreel section.