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Three And Out

‘Brighter By Day’, one of our Chappell Music Library tracks featuring the vocals of Noel McKoy, has been used in the British movie ‘Three And Out’ staring Mackenzie Crook.

Shine TV

Shine TV
We’re just putting the finishing touches to a new internal music library we’ve created for Shine TV. This will initially be used on the export versions of the companies successful Masterchef series, but will hopefully develop into much wider use.

This has been developed in co-operation with EMI Publishing’s film and tv department.

Paul O'Grady sketch

We’ve just finished work on the music for another sketch that features in the upcoming new series of the Paul O’Grady show.
The show has used our theme tune for a number of years now, and Olga TV have had us write music for various sketches in the past.
The new music is adapted from an 80’s American NBC commercial.

Andy Abraham in the Studio

Royworld 2
Andy Abraham, the former X-Factor runner-up, who went on to have huge success with his ‘The Impossible Dream’ and ‘Soul Man’ albums, has been in the studio with Jay co-writing the song ‘Say I Do’ for his new album.
He’s also just been nominated for this years Eurovision Song Contest entry, so it looks like he’ll be a busy boy this year!

Royworld debut album

Royworld 1
Royworld, who recently signed a massive deal with Virgin EMI, are about to release their debut album.
Jay worked with the guys on their demo’s in the early days, while they ran a software business from a spare room in the studio!
We’re all hoping it’s a massive success for them.

Super-Phonics album release

The Super-Phonics album ‘Interstellar’ has now been released worldwide on Freestyle Records.

There’s obviously some new album artwork, but also a new bonus tune - ‘The Pressure’.

Also check out the remixes - exclusively available for download on iTunes.