cutting edge music production

Worldwide HSBC advert

Jay has just finished the music for a worldwide HSBC ad.

The work came in through Nick Payne, director of music agency
‘The Works Music’.

The film is called ‘Collective Pause’ and is an orchestral score.

Tony Christy & Róisín Murphy


Tony Christy and Róisín Murphy (of Moloko fame) were in the studio today, alongside songwriters Michael Ward & Richard Barratt, to record a duet for Tony’s new album, due out imminently on Acid Jazz Records.
TonyChristiesingle front
The first single from the album, ‘Nobody In The World’ has just been released.

New ITV Chat Show Theme

We’ve just won the pitch for the theme tune to a new ITV evening chat show which goes on-air this autumn.

Hosted by Paul O’Grady, the program is also made by his production company Olga TV.

We’ve a long running relationship with the company, having written the themes and incidental music for several of their programs. However, as this was through ITV, we had to pitch for the work against other composers.

It’s a classic big band tv theme, and the band will be recorded in our studio.

Ch4's 5 O'Clock Show Theme

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 09.24.30
Channel 4’s new 5 O’Clock show is on air and we composed the theme tune.

It’s a library track called ‘Introducing’ from Bruton’s ‘Funk Friday’ CD we wrote a few years ago.

We’ve done some new edits for them to fit their title pictures and also to use as stings and bumpers.

The show was created by Olga TV - Paul O’Grady’s TV company, who coincidentally, we also wrote the theme music for!

New library tracks out

Beautiful GameFlashy:TrashyFor The Fans
Just in time for the soccer world cup, we’ve got some tracks out on Zone’s ‘The Beautiful Game’ & ‘Africa United’ releases, and also Universal’s ‘For The Fans’.

We’ve also tracks on Boost Music’s new ‘Bliss’ and ‘Flashy, Trashy & Salacious’ CD’s.

Super-Phonics Bah Samba Remix

We’ve just done a Super-Phonics remix for Bah Samba’s latest release ‘Don’t Let Them Get You Down’.

Available in all the usual places!

IPL - Indian Premier League Cricket Theme


Jay’s just completed work on the new theme tune for the IPL Indian Premier League cricket tournament.

This is for worldwide use, and will not only be used throughout the televised broadcasts, but also in the stadiums during the games.

The job came through Pim and Tristan at

It all kicks off on 13th March.


Miro Eurovision Entry Mix

Jay and Gordon had Miro - one of Bulgaria’s biggest artists in the studio for a few days recording and mixing the track Angel Si Ti, which was chosen as Bulgaria’s Eurovision Song Contest entry.

We're back in...!

Studio Picture
We’re finally back in the studio - check out the studio page for a few snapshots.

There’s still a fair bit to sort out, but for now at least we’re in and working again.

The Studio People who completed the refurb were absolutely fantastic. They completed on time and the workmanship and whole experience was second to none. A big ‘thank you’ to Peter and his team!