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B&Q 'Helpful Heroes' Ad

B&Q are the first to put out a major advertising campaign with a track from 'Heavy Horn Riffs II', the recently released follow-up album to 'Heavy Horn Riffs' (believe it or not!) that was a massive success for Universal Production Music.

New Swedish Innocent Smoothies Ad

This new ad has just gone out using a track we have in Addictive Tracks library.

Track for new Simon Rumley movie 'Fashionista'


Jay & Adil have written a track for Simon Rumley's new film 'Fashionista'.

Fashionista is a structurally unique thriller about a fashion-conscious young woman who uses clothes as an emotional crutch and what happens when her life spirals out of control.

The film is currently in post production and should be released soon.

Best version of Golden Swagger ever!

Found this wicked version of Golden Swagger from our Heavy Horn Riffs Universal Production Music album!

Jay & Gordon in Metropolis with Right Said Fred


Jay & Gordon were in Metropolis Studio's with Right Said Fred this weekend, and spent a fun day recording with 'Super Fans'!
The new albums as good as done, so the PR machine will kick into action over the next couple of months in anticipation of its release early next year.

Video for new Malka single - Wonder Why

Check out the new video for the latest Malta single Wonder Why