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Chrissie Hynde & Marie France in the studio

Chrissie & Marie
We had Chrissie Hynde, lead singer of The Pretenders, and Marie France in the studio today cutting vocals for a track that will be on Marie’s new album.

The track, a duet written by Jacques Duvall and Benjamin Schoos of Freaksville Records, was sung in French.

Paul O'Grady Live! Remix

A new series of Paul O’Grady Live! starts tonight on ITV1.

The shows new director Kim Ross from Olga TV contacted us and asked if we could update the music for this series.

The brief was to keep the basic identity of the music, which the viewers now knew from the first series, but to give it a bit more of an ITV ‘saturday night’ feel.

Not the easiest thing to do in this case, as the original version was very much a traditional big band talk show style theme tune. However replacing the drums for a more contemporary sound, and rebalancing the general mix has bought it bang up to date.

Smart Car - China Ad

Jay has just written the music for a Smart Car ad that’s airing in China.

The job came through Massive Music’s man in Shanghai Diederik van Middelkoop, who Jay has worked with on numerous advertising jobs over the last decade.

The music is classic 70’s chase style, and the film features legendary LA Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant behind the wheel.

The ad is creating quite a stir in Beijing - you can read more about it

Track licensed for Fire In Babylon movie

Screen Shot 2012-05-06 at 17.35.35
We’ve just a licensed a new Sound Stylistics track - ‘The Four Horsemen’ for use in Stevan Riley’s new movie ‘Fire In Babylon’.

Released in cinema’s on May 20th, the film documents the historic rise during the 70’s and 80‘s of the West Indian cricket team.

The film has been receiving rave reviews at film festivals. Stevan Riley’s credit’s include ‘One Day In September’, and ‘The Last King Of Scotland’.